Thursday, January 30, 2014

Islamophobia ≠ Racism

Muslims are a diverse group of people. Not a race.
I've recently discovered the phenomenon of the misuse of the term "racism". Apparently, the hatred or fear of one religion, is somehow equivalent to the prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. But what about christianity, or judaism? What about buddhism or taoism? I hate all religions equally, so I guess that make me racist, right? No, it doesn't. It just means I abhor these doctrines and their systems.

To claim that someone is "racist" because of their hatred of a certain religion, is absolute bullshit, and even conveys me to leave me fist where their face is, or dragging it against the cement in attempt to cleanse the world of the stupid parasites who do this, without knowing the effects of what they do. I've never wanted to hit someone so hard.

Mostly behaviour engaged by uppity white liberals, that think they're so supportive of diversity and multiculturalism, they have never experienced genuine racism. I remember one time, I was a the bus stop, and I had my music up loud. I put my earbuds in, so I wouldn't disturb the people around me. Some of the people sitting and standing beside me could hear what I was listening to, so I turned it down a little. A 20-something year old guy turned around to a woman I believe to be his friend and says "Chaos always follows niggers wherever they go...", and she giggled.

He may think that I didn't hear him, because I ignored that. What he did, was attack my race. Not my culture, not my religion. My race.

When someone says something like "muslims are terrorists..." their attacking the religion. Not the race. If they were to say "arabs are terrorist..." then THAT would be racism, and would be appropriate to say that person is a racist.

When people attack islam, they're attacking this:

Not this:

Liberals today will argue, that "many people believe muslims to be of arabic ethnicity!" But this implies, that they are using racism to fight what they believe is racism. Stating that someone who is "islamophobic" is racist, implies that islam is confined to a certain race of people, and is in and of itself fucking RACIST! Not only that, but when they say these things, they marginalize the issues that people who actually experience racism face. But it seems that they don't care, because they don't experience the downside of their actions.

The affect of racism in the west is very prevalent, but it isn't taken seriously, because of bullshit like this. As a former muslim, and a WOC (womyn of colour), denouncing these behaviours does next to nothing, simply because of the new victimology that is always being created, which prevents people like me, from erasing "victimization" from my culture.